ASAP Motors Holiday Event

ASAP Motors holiday event flyer

This flyer was created for a holiday event. ASAP Motors is a used car dealership in Blythewood, S.C. The company is participating in a capstone project with Full Sale University. The project is part of a public relations campaign to increase its brand awareness and online reputation. The company assists individuals with buying a used car.

Adobe Photoshop was used to create this flyer. The flyer is one of many products produced for the project. Flyers are important to the business. They can be used online and printed for further use.

The vehicles pictured may not be available for purchase. Check out the entire line of vehicles by going to

ASAP Motors Online Invitation
ASAP Motors Holiday Sale


How to Complete the Army Family Care Plan

And the consequences for not having a Family Care Plan

Family Care Plan - 25th Infantry Division

Soldiers are very good at preparing for operations, but no Soldier is ever fully prepared without a Family Care Plan. This webinar is a guide on how to complete the plan.

A Family Care Plan is a set of instructions on how a soldier’s dependents are cared for when military duties prevent them from doing so. The process can be overwhelming for some, but the plan is designed to protect the soldier.  Not all soldiers know why they must have an adequate plan.  A plan is needed to maintain full readiness. In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Which documents are needed
  • How to complete the process
  • Consequences of not having a plan

For more information, check out  Army Regulation 600-20, Army Command Policy.

Cision’s Natalia Dykyj explains the Future of PR Software

The Future of PR Software 2016 sponsored by Cision is an overview of what to look for in Public Relations monitoring software. During this 60-minute webinar, Natalia Dykyj, Cision vice president of product, shows how to drive communication in the future by melding PR, content marketing and social media.

The purpose of this video is to explain Cision’s PR Software in 2016

The Future of PR Software 2016 sponsored by Cision is an overview of what to look for in PR monitoring software. During this 60-minute webinar, Natalia Dykyj, Cision vice president of product, shows how to drive communication in the future by melding PR, content marketing and social media.

The job of PR professionals is becoming more challenging. Add in traditional and nontraditional news monitoring, the task of conducting PR for a brand or company without the right software can be very daunting.

Data, analytics, and insight can be overwhelming for PR professionals. Using the right software can help. Cision’s Content Marketing Suite provides tools to create, publish, drive, and analyze branded content.

“A lot of people struggle with what to measure in the first place,” said Dykyj. “How do you define success in a PR campaign? Unless you have basically an army of analysts or data scientists, it an be really hard to extract actionable Intel that’s going to help you move your campaign forward.”

Dykyj is responsible for Cision’s flagship PR edition and social edition. In this webinar, she demonstrates PR’s true ROI by explaining PR’s place in marketing, and how to gain insights on PR and communication through targeted analytics.

Using screen shots, Dykyj demonstrates the importance of software like Cision’s with screen shots of the type of information you can get in one place to include social media, broadcast media, and other online content.

*Cision is a global media intelligence company, serving complete workflow of today’s communications, social media, and content marketing professionals. For more information, visit



Baker’s Sweets Promotional Video

Video Clips of Baker’s Sweets

Baker's Sweets

This is a video for Baker’s Sweets, a local gourmet bakery in Sumter, S.C. The bakery has a variety of cakes, pastries, and other baked goods. The bakery also offers coffee, sandwiches, salads, steak and chicken. The bakery  participated in a capstone project for Full Sail University as part of the Masters in Public Relations Program.

The company has a total of three locations. The main store is located on Alice Drive. The company also has a kiosk at Toumey Regional Medical Center in Sumter. The newest location is in Lake, City, S.C. The company was named as of the top 20 businesses in Sumter County for 2015.

Video clips contain images inside and outside the bakery. Baker’s Sweets is located at 1089 Alice Drive in Sumter, S.C.

How to Love Life: 5 steps to a Happier You

Enjoying your job, your life, your purpose, all depends on one person…you. You can choose each day when you open your eyes to have a great day. If you think it is impossible, it is. Try these simple tips on how to love life for five days and see how you feel by the end of the week:

  1. Wake up to a song you love. It can be a love song like Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud or Silento’s Watch Me (Whip/ Nae Nae). Choose a song that makes you smile, move, or at least get out of the bed.
  1. Make a conscious decision to have a good day. No matter what happens or what you come up against, decide when you open your eyes that you will have a great day.
  1. Don’t complain. It is so easy to get wrapped up in the latest gossip at work and adding your two cents. Try not adding your two cents. Try changing the subject. You will thank yourself later.
  1. Leave on time. Just do it. The extra time you give back to yourself is a plus.
  1. Have a little chocolate. There is no other reason that I added #5 than chocolate is a much better option than not enjoying life.

These 5 steps are supported only by personal experience. They offer a reason to smile. Just remember, there is no one size fits all to happiness. Find what works for you. In the meantime, these 5 tips are not a bad option.

How to Measure ROI

ROI Image by
Image by


Trying to measure social media Return on Investment (ROI) can be tricky, and time consuming. Marketing Optimization Advisor Angie Schottmuller details how to measure ROI in the digital world. She lays out how to plan, justify and gauge the value of social media marketing. Angie offers a seven-step process that includes goals and tactics. She also shows you how to calculate ROI.


Angie Schottmuller helps organizations exceed goals, and better understand customers using data-driven technology and persuasive marketing psychology. For other great tips and more from Angie Schottmuller, visit her SlideShare page.

Brightcove Makes Sharing Video Simple

Recording and loading video to a website or social media sites can be cumbersome and take a lot of time. One app makes loading, sharing, and tracking video content simple.

Brightcove, listed as an ultimate syndication and distribution tool on Curata, offers an online video platform for adding custom video players to websites, social media profiles, and mobile destinations.

Smartphones already allow the users to capture and edit video from the device. The Brightcove mobile app allows users to capture and upload video to the website in two simple steps.










Many free applications allow users to upload video and share content. YouTube, Magisto, and Vimeo just to name a few. What is really different about Brightcove are the features available after upload. Through the app, users can publish live content and manage the multiple videos from the website. Content managers are able to link videos directly to other sites like YouTube.

Brightcove Features

The Brightcove website allows users to adjust a number of settings to uploaded videos before publishing. Some features include choosing the encoding rate, specifying a custom domain name for all URLs, adding a logo, and HTML5 player delivery. Brightcove allows content managers to track analytics of videos and set distribution settings.Bright cove desktop picWhy PR professionals should use Brightcove

Brightcove is an excellent option for creating and sharing video content for Public Relations professionals. It is important to not only share content, but be able to track the placement and effectiveness of the content that is being shared. Brightcove allows content managers to track information like how long a video is viewed, where it is viewed, and what action is taken after watching the video. Brightcove gives content managers the power to control the video experience down to the look at feel of the video player and the website on which it exists. The service even offers the ability to provide video on demand.

Brightcove Possibilities

The Brightcove service is amazing and a trailblazer for PR professionals, but in the mobile world we live in, accessibility on the go is important. The app is easily accessible on the iPod, iPhone, and iPad. Video loads easily and quickly with an Internet connection. The mobile app is limited in that it only allows the ability to upload video. The multiple features available on the desktop service are missing from the app. Although users can access the app using the web browser on their mobile device, the ability to access those features in the app would make the app a better asset to PR professionals and content managers.

The Ultimate App for PR Professionals

The ultimate app for PR professionals would include the ability to manage video content similar to Brightcove, social media content similar to Hootsuite, and manage websites all in one mobile app. The app would also have a feature that shows trending online content related to the PR professional’s field similar to PR Newswire.

This Mobile App can Help Parents Become Better Educators

MyReadingCloudGetting 20-30 minutes of reading in every night as part of elementary school homework can be a bit of a challenge. Getting kids to comprehend what they are reading can sometimes seem impossible for parents and discouraging for kids.

Every now and then, it would be nice to say, “There’s an app for that.”

Well, there is…sort of. Nearpod is a mobile app that allows teachers to engage students with interactive content, collect and share student responses instantly, and track comprehension in real time. The app has a desktop version, and offers some free ready-to-use lessons.

Sounds like a winner. Except, it is only available to educators.

What the app lacks is the ability for parents to take advantage of the service. The student app only works in conjunction with the teacher app. Parents, the other element in a child’s educational development, could see just as much benefit as teachers if allowed to use the app. For those parents who are trying to understand why their kid is unable to answer simple questions about what they read, or looking for ways to help their kids improve on reading comprehension, Nearpod could be an excellent option.

WebMD states kids “read to learn” at ages 11-13. In reality, if kids are studying subjects like math, science, and social studies in 3rd and 4th grades, they are reading to learn much earlier, which makes reading comprehension more important early on.

Collaborating with Apple to feature the app in a commercial using traditional television and online through YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook, would be excellent ways to create buzz and awareness about the app.

Videos detailing the personal experiences of parents and kids, similar to the Nearpod Love video could be used to attract the every-day parent to the app.

Nearpod could definitely attract a larger audience if it would just expand the app to parents.

The Exciting World of Public Relations

There’s no better time to enter into the exciting world of Public Relations. The Internet makes it easier for communications professional to excel. The prominence of social media can be an asset or a liability. Individuals freely type normally hidden thoughts on social media sites for the world to see.

Angel Jackson Public Relations Professional
Angel Jackson

When you enjoy what you do and you have the opportunity to make a career of what you love, I believe it’s important that you work to master your craft.


Angel has spent most of her adult life working as a communicator. This video takes a look at Angel Jackson and her journey as a Public Relations professional.

My Dad Abandoned Me


Leave it to kids to be brutally honest.

I recently had a conversation with my very young nephews, my sister’s son and my brother’s son, who both believed they were abandoned by their dad. Neither was abandoned. Both live miles away from their dad, and because they are not able see their dad every day or spend the amount of time they would like to with their dad, they feel abandoned.

When I explained this to both my sister and brother, they both felt bad and their feelings were hurt. I, on the other hand, saw this as a great teaching moment. I explained how both were living with their mother and just because the relationship between their parents didn’t work out, that doesn’t mean they can’t have a relationship with their dad. I also asked them to remember this feeling when they have kids and try not to be so quick to walk away.

Each of my nephews, and even my own son, are very close to their mothers. And although I come from a family of very strong women who routinely raise kids as single parents, research has proven that kids are much better off with two positive parents in the home.

Bradford Wilcox, the director of the National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia and author of “Gender and Parenthood: Biological and Social Scientific Perspectives,” discusses the benefits of having a father in the home in his 2013 article “Children Are Better Off With a Father Than Without One.” He highlights the difference having a father in the home makes in education, teenage pregnancy, and even how likely kids are to go to jail.

Peggy Drexler, author of the book, “Raising Boys Without Men,” details the successes of many mothers who raise their sons without men. I agree that women are completely capable of raising wonderful, loving men who contribute positively to society. I also believe that single parents must be cognizant of the possible void their kids feel without the other parent.

My son’s father and I make it a point to ensure he spends ample time with both parents. We both spend time with him and make memories. We take photos and document every minute that we can. We may go overboard, but even at 9, he looks back on those memories and smiles. He brings out his baby book every time someone new comes over. He asks me to play the video of when his father gave him a bath at 6 months old and sang to him. He remembers and when his cousins said, “My Dad abandoned me,” he simply listened.

Being a single parent doesn’t mean your child has to know the difference. I encourage those who are raising kids alone to make every effort to co-parent. It could make a world of difference to your child. provides PR, Branding and Marketing expertise.